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What can I expect from the white paper?

Making a good BizTalk assessment and architecture review is a not a simple thing. BizTalk Server needs many different technologies in order to run.There are many aspects to be considered and many things to inspect in order to make a complete BizTalk architecture review.
There are many objectives. Examples:
  1. How to make good performance tests
  2. Provide the best practices around possible issues
  3. Pinpoint possible bottlenecks to improve the quality of software
  4. Code review
  5. Provide best practices for maintaining a BizTalk environment to obtain stability and availability.
This white paper examines the best practices to make a BizTalk assessment and architecture review. This includes how to organize good documentation (for all BizTalk aspects, message flows, transformation, technologies stack, infrastructure, network, adapters, disks, connections, configurations and databases) as well as the correct indicators for the whole BizTalk environment.

by Nino Crudele (Multi year BizTalk Server/Integration MVP from Italy)

Nino Crudele is a BizTalk consultant with many years of experience in integration technology (BizTalk), architecture, development and project management. He is MVP BizTalk Server since 2006 and works with BizTalk Server since 2004, has experience on supporting big solutions with BizTalk server. He collaborate with Microsoft from many years as BizTalk Server Virtual Technology Specialist as project management, business strategies and solutions for integration of systems, conferences, training focused on partners, solution specialist, solution architect. He has worked with most of the BizTalk accelerators, Rosettanet, HL7, SWIFT and has done some big projects on EDI and RFDI. In the past he also had the opportunity to be part of a big integration project with a major Italian enterprise organization that integrated many technologies like SAP,AS400,TIBCO and others using BizTalk Server. 
He is the founder of first Italian BizTalk Community, BizTalkia which now became the first Italian Connected System Community,

About the author Nino Crudele

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