White Paper - BizTalk Server Monitoring Solutions (SCOM vs BizTalk360)

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What can I expect from the white paper?

Monitoring a BizTalk environment was something that was often overlooked during BizTalk’s early years.  As more organizations have invested in the platform, managing and monitoring BizTalk environments have  become more and more important.  
The purpose of this White Paper is to compare and contrast some of the capabilities that exist within the top two popular monitoring solutions (Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager - SCOM and BizTalk360) and provide an independent view of the strengths and weaknesses of both the products for BizTalk Server Monitoring.
This white paper will help you make an informed decision, whether to use SCOM or BizTalk360 for monitoring your BizTalk environment(s). 
Kent Weare and Steef-Jan Wiggers are both recognized as industry expert in BizTalk server area and both have adequate experience setting up both SCOM and BizTalk360.
BizTalk Server Monitoring SCOM vs BizTalk360

Above diagram is from the white paper showcasing the feature mapping between SCOM and BizTalk360.

Author: Kent Weare (BizTalk Server/Integration MVP)
Technical Review: Steef-Jan Wiggers (BizTalk Server/Integration MVP)

Kent Weare has been around BizTalk since 2004 when he was involved in his first BizTalk project for the Canadian Federal Government.  Since then Kent has participated in many different roles as it relates to BizTalk. This includes Development, Architecture and Managing a team that is responsible for supporting BizTalk at a large power distribution company.
For the past 7 years, Kent has had hands on experience with both SCOM and BizTalk360 products.  In 2010, Kent travelled to Stockholm, Sweden where he gave a presentation to the Swedish BizTalk User group on how you can monitor your BizTalk environment using System Centre Operations Manager.  Kent is also a co-author of the BizTalk Server 2010 Administrator Training Kit where he was responsible for developing and delivering the BizTalk Management Pack for System Center module.
In October 2011, Kent Weare was part of a successful implementation of BizTalk360 at a Power Distribution company in Canada.  At this particular organization, they use both SCOM and BizTalk360 to deliver end to end monitoring of  their business.  You can read more about this implementation here.
In addition to the aforementioned activities, Kent Weare remains active in the BizTalk community.  Besides blogging and giving presentations, he has also recently co-authored two BizTalk Server books: (MCTS): Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 (70-595) Certification Guide and Microsoft BizTalk 2010: Line of Business Systems Integration. For the past six consecutive years he has been recognized by Microsoft as a BizTalk, and more recently Integration, MVP.  For more information about Kent Weare and his BizTalk experiences please visit http://kentweare.blogspot.com.

About the author Kent Weare

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Kent Weare

Technical Reviewer -  Steef-Jan Wiggers

Kent Weare
Steef-Jan Wiggers is a principal consultant for a consultancy firm in the Netherlands. He has almost 15 years’ experience as a technical lead developer, application architect and consultant, specializing in custom applications, enterprise application integration (BizTalk), Web services and Windows Azure. Steef-Jan is very active in the BizTalk community as a blogger, Wiki author/editor, forums, writer and public speaker in the Netherlands and Europe. For these efforts, Microsoft has recognized him a Microsoft MVP for the past 3 years. For more information about Steef-Jan and his BizTalk experiences please visit http://soa-thoughts.blogspot.com/.
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