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What can I expect from the white paper?

BizTalk is a powerful product when it comes to connecting and communicating between systems. Microsoft has over 12.000 client running BizTalk Server and are connecting and transferring data between their systems, for small tasks and larger operations. During the evolution of BizTalk Server the system has gained a firm hold in companies and is often considered the heart of the entire business. Due to the severity BizTalk gets over time an unplanned downtime and data loss can have a significant impact on the business that it supports and may involve loss of money, not only that, but potential delay also may cause critical systems in hospitals to decrease the health and care for the patients.

Like all large platforms, bad implementations decisions or bad maintained and monitoring politics may cause many potentials bottlenecks in BizTalk Server and many potential problems may occur in a heartbeat or can evolve over time. 

In this white paper Tord addresses how companies can pro-actively avoid some of the scenarios that could happen. 

by Tord Glad Nordahl , Microsoft Integration MVP, Norway

Great experience in BizTalk administration. Awarded with the Microsoft Integration MVP 2013. Providing training and courses for BizTalk administrator’s worldwide. Great knowledge within performance and tuning of BizTalk. Also created a great way to perform health checks of BizTalk environments. Contributing to enhance productivity to other BizTalk administrators around the world with the blog

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